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Become a self-employed courier? Buy Our Partner

As good as new Peugeot Partner with courier assignments. *** this is an old post and no longer current ***

Do you want to become an independent courier and live in the 045-046 region ? Then buy this Peugeot Partner and earn money from day one.

We are selling this car due to lack of good staff.

The work:

  • You are ready to leave immediately for the customers. The customer expects you to be at the loading address within 30 minutes
  • You drive directly to the unloading address
  • You drive all over Europe. You get to see quite a bit of the world
  • They are very important shipments. People are eagerly awaiting you and the shipment
  • Most rides are during the day
  • You are self-employed and register with the chamber of commerce
  • Since you are your own boss, you may of course drive for other clients as well

The car:

  • Peugeot Partner
  • VK-787-Z
  • FY 11-2014
  • KM approx 50,500
  • Air conditioning
  • Power windows
  • TomTom (2017) lifetime Maps+Trafic+Flashers
  • Real-time track&trace system built in
  • The car will only be sold to someone who will work for us as a courier.
  • € 7995 ex VAT = 9673.95 including VAT. However, you get the VAT back from the IRS.

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