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Becoming a self-employed courier. Car for sale with assignments to take over

Van Peugeot Partner 2021 for sale. Possibly with courier assignments.

*** This car has since been sold ***

This is a March 2021 Peugeot Partner with approximately 144800km on the clock.
This car has been dealer maintained and even has factory warranty left on it. Up to max 200,000km or 2 years old.

The car is equipped with :
– air conditioner
– cruise control
– power windows
– GPS tracker
– Car stereo with bluetooth / car kit
– TomTom navigation
– Load Capacity 499kg

The price is €10,500 excluding VAT.

Courier assignments for acquisition.

In addition to simply buying this car for your own use, there is also the possibility of performing courier assignments for us as a self-employed person.
For the most part, we provide true emergency transportation. After we call, they should then be at the loading address within 30 minutes and drive directly to the unloading address.
Destinations can be throughout Europe.
It is important that you live in the South Limburg region. Preferably 045 – 046. This is due to the time it takes you to get to our clients.

Learn more about starting as an independent courier

If you are interested in this car and possible courier assignments email tim @ cargoplanner . en


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