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Becoming a self-employed courier

Become a self-employed courier?

Planning to become an independent courier?

– Become your own boss?
– Know yourself when you work?
– Want to have the tax advantages of being self-employed?
– Working on your own path and not the boss’s?
– Do you dare to take the risk?

Not everyone is suited to self-employment. Many people need security and a steady salary. The question, of course, is how secure a job is these days. Even with a permanent contract, your job could be at risk overnight.

Of course, there are also many people who want to take a certain amount of risk and go into self-employment.

What do I need to become an independent courier ?

You register your company with the chamber of commerce and you’re done……
Unfortunately. There really is more to becoming an independent courier.

Which car do I need ?


If you are going to drive as a self-employed person you will probably only buy 1 car. Often this is a car such as a Peugeot Partner, VW Caddy, Opel Combo, etc. But there are also couriers who want to go a little bigger right away with a large van such as a Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master, Iveco Daily etc.

What many people forget or just don’t know is that you are not allowed to transport third-party belongings. If your car has a payload of more than 500kg, you need a NIWO permit. And that’s not just a matter of applications.

To get an NIWO license, you must have a vocational qualification to begin with. Creditworthiness is also checked. So an NIWO license is not something you just get.
For this reason, then, many couriers start with a small van. These vans can usually load 1 europallet up to 500kg.
Also make sure you buy a car that has double-opening doors and no tailgate. If you buy a car with a tailgate, it becomes difficult to put a pallet in it with a forklift.

How do I get customers?

You’ve found a good car and want to get started. But then, of course, you have to have customers. Acquiring customers always starts in your own network. Everyone knows people who own their own business or people who work in the logistics department of a company. Just ask them how they arrange transportation by courier and make an appointment.

HELP, I am getting 2 assignments at the same time. That is now the problem of the ZZP courier. If you are on the road for a client and another client calls for an assignment you have to sell no. That, of course, is deadly. If this has happened two or three times they really won’t call you again. The customer does not want to have to arrange anything himself. He wants to call a courier and make sure his shipment is delivered. That’s why joining an organization like Cargoplanner is ideal. In fact, you can also outsource your own trips to Cargoplanner.

Every self-employed person must, of course, keep records. Not only because otherwise the ladies and gentlemen of the Inland Revenue will get angry but also because you need to know for yourself how things stand. We recommend having an accountant do the bookkeeping. This allows you to be involved in the management yourself.

Have you already started your courier business? Then sign up as a charter with Cargoplanner.

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