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Charters / couriers wanted

Charters sought.
Are you a self-employed driver or independent courier with one or more of your own vans and/or trucks? If so, chances are we can put you to good use.

Which couriers are we looking for?

In fact, we are always looking for reliable charters. We transport documents, packages and pallets of various sizes. So for this we also need cars of various sizes. It seems logical to me that a one-kilo package would not be transported in a truck, and one would not put a 1,000-kg pallet in a caddy. These are almost always urgent shipments. Direct loading and then directly to the unloading address.

What are the requirements for couriers?

A courier who wants to drive for us must always meet the legal requirements. So he/she must be registered with the chamber of commerce and pay taxes neatly. If the car’s payload exceeds 500kg, it must have a NIWO permit. If he wants to transport dangerous goods (ADR), the driver must have an ADR certificate and the car must have ADR equipment. Some addresses also require Security-Awareness certification.

By the way, most couriers who drive a caddy have the car administratively approved back to a payload of 499kg. A common misconception is that one does not need an NIWO permit if one is transporting less than 500kg. This is incorrect. What matters is the car’s payload. So if you drive a Caddy with a payload of 600kg and you transport a 1kg box, you are still in violation.

Service, speed and reliability

These, in addition to the requirements, are the main points to which we attach great importance. We provide emergency transportation/courier services of very important shipments. Packages or other goods are therefore not delivered by the parcel service for a few euros. So given the higher rate, people also expect more service.

Administration and billing

There are plenty of express companies that do shipments well in themselves but where the customer often has to wait days or even weeks for something as simple as a scan of a bill of lading. Still, this is something that clients would like to receive as soon as possible. They need these documents in many cases for billing purposes, for example. We expect our charters to email a scan of the cmr/avc or any other document the same day.

Unfortunately, when it comes to payment morale, the transportation industry does not have the best reputation. That’s why it’s good to know that our charters always get paid within the 30-day statutory payment period. Of course if they carried out the transport correctly and provided the corresponding documents.

Courier Rates

Of course, it is true that everyone is allowed to charge their own rates. On the other hand, however, we will go for the cheapest option in case of equal suitability. Many couriers and carriers ride with us for the same rate. You may request this from us if necessary, but you may also offer your services with the rates you have in mind yourself.

Not everyone is accepted by us as a charter. We always want to have a personal conversation with you so we can get a feel for whether you and possibly your employees are a good fit for our company. The same is true the other way around, of course. Maybe you don’t have a click with us.

We are currently only looking for ZZP couriers / charters working from south Limburg. Outside of this area, we also have quite a few colleagues that we work with. You can always send your rates, of course. However, the chances of us calling new companies / charters outside our own region are currently not very high.

Is your interest piqued? Then contact us or fill out the form“sign up as a charter / subcontractor

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