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Courier/emergency transport during new strict Corona measures

The renewed Corona measures are again putting many people and businesses in trouble. Few will be waiting for these measures. People will experience psychological problems because they lack contact with others. Most retail is down but fortunately a lot of “regular” businesses continue to run as usual. That, of course, is what it should be. The economy is already taking a pounding and tax cents will have to keep coming in anyway. And, of course, a lot of businesses are just desperately needed for daily existence.

But even for these companies, these are again difficult times in both financial and operational terms. (Emergency) transportation is a lubricant in this. When distances need to be covered because employees work from home or goods need to go from one company to another, transportation always comes into play.

If you don’t want to send your own employees on the road unnecessarily, you can turn to us for all emergency transportation and courier services. It’s the normal work for us, but it may suddenly be a possibility for your company now that you may not have even considered before.

I would like to list some examples of situations where our couriers can serve you well. (Also in this period)

Employees who suddenly have to stay home often do need certain items from work to continue their work at home. Instead of all these employees driving to work and meeting each other there, these items can be delivered to their homes. Think hardware, documents, samples. Of course, we can also transport between colleagues.

Machines do not consider Corona measures and can always break down. To still keep your business running, our couriers can provide you with spare parts at lightning speed so that your business can get back on its feet quickly.

We are also on the road for various government agencies with documents, testing materials and personal protective equipment.

So you may ask yourself with many “moves,” “Wouldn’t it perhaps be wiser to have this done by a courier?”

Do you think the use of a courier could be a solution? Contact us by phone or email and explain your situation. Then together we will see what we can do for you.

Please note that we are not a parcel service. Our couriers do not drive across the country (or rather Europe) with dozens of packages from different senders and recipients. No packages sitting in sorting centers for days because capacity won’t allow it. No packages that just disappear, either. We exclusively provide emergency transportation and courier services where a car with driver is only on the road for one customer per trip. That may well mean, for example, using one car to have items delivered to multiple employees. But this never goes through a distribution center. Shipments are picked up and subsequently delivered to the various addresses.

Curious about the possibilities ? Please contact us !

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