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Courier international

A courier delivering letters, packages and pallets internationally is the ideal partner for internationally operating companies.

Sending a package internationally can sometimes take significantly longer than sending it nationally.

If you hire an international courier, most destinations in Europe can even be booked as sameday. The shipment then goes directly, and thus a lot faster, from the loading address to the unloading address. So even if this is an address abroad. Within 24 hours, really a very large area within Europe is accessible by express courier.

Especially with international packages, please keep in mind that a recipient is actually present. If you send a courier to Berlin(Germany) from the Netherlands at 1600, it will not arrive there until late in the evening. This is obviously not a problem for us but may be for the recipient. So arrange in advance for someone to be there to receive your package or pallet. By the way, this applies not only to international transports but also to national ones. However, people are usually anxiously awaiting such shipments.

Not every courier service operates internationally. However, we do. Basically, we drive to delivery addresses all over Europe. Currently most international destinations are in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France but we are also happy to drive for you to Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Sweden etc etc.

For most international shipments, a bill of lading (CMR) is sufficient but additional documents are required for some countries not within the EU but within Europe.

Sending an international package by express courier has many advantages, of course. It gets delivered super fast and one can be sure it won’t get lost in some sorting center. In addition, it is loaded into a courier car once and unloaded only at the destination. This ensures that there is no damage to the package. Since our driver drives your package or pallet directly to the destination, the price for this transport will obviously be higher than if you just send it via a regular parcel service. However, these two different services are hardly comparable. The commonality of with services is that a letter package or pallet goes from a sender to a recipient. All is said with that, then.

The cost of using a courier internationally really varies by destination and freight. Feel free to ask us for a free quote. You will then receive a quote from us extremely quickly.

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