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Courier needed ?

If your company needs a courier in Limburg, Koerier Limburg is the right partner. For more than 15 years we have been transporting urgent shipments for businesses and even government agencies. Koerier Limburg is a trade name of Cargoplanner Logistics B.V. and is also registered as such with the Chamber of Commerce.
However, we work not only in Limburg. We transport your express parcels and pallets to and from many destinations in Europe.

Express courier

If your package or pallet really needs to be transported urgently. Our couriers will pick up your urgent shipment immediately and then drive directly to the delivery address. This way, your shipment will arrive at its destination in the fastest way possible. This type of rush job constitutes more than 90% of the work we do for our clients. Of course, we are happy to do the same for your company. However, our couriers only drive on behalf of companies and government agencies. Although rush courier may conjure up the image of a van chasing down the highway at high speed, this is not the case. Our couriers always neatly adhere to speed and applicable traffic regulations. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but of course also because you would like to have your shipment delivered to its destination in one piece.

Shipping pallets from Limburg

You can also use our courier service to transport pallets of goods to or from Limburg. Due to the urgent nature of the work we perform, we do not do pallet exchanges. Our cars do not carry empty pallets. So if you need a pallet transported urgently, this pallet with your goods will of course be taken directly to your customer but no empty pallet will be returned. Keep this in mind if you were to pass the cost on to your customer. However, one buys a euro pallet for a few euros.

If you want to ship a pallet, it is important to know whether this pallet can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift at both addresses. If this is not the case, we can use a van with a tailgate for you. The courier can then use a pallet truck to put your pallet into the car himself with a tailgate and take it out the same way. However, the cost of a van with tailgate is higher. So it is always useful to check if this is actually necessary.

Quote courier Limburg

Together with you, we always consider what is the fastest and most advantageous solution for you to transport your package or pallet(s). In doing so, we also look at which vehicle is most suitable.
For an extremely fast quote, fill out our quote form or contact us by phone by email.


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