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Courier service Limburg

Courier service in Limburg wanted ?

Our courier service is based in Limburg, and of course you can have all your goods picked up and delivered in Limburg. But our working area is much larger than Limburg. Our drivers drive all over Europe.

Courier service south Limburg.

Since we have most of the vans and trucks in South Limburg, we can almost always pick up your urgent shipment within 30-40 minutes and then drive directly to the destination.
Courier service Limburg Belgium Of course we also like to transport packages, pallets etc for our Belgian customers. Belgian Limburg is just a stone’s throw away, so we can also be on site here very quickly.

Courier service from Limburg throughout Europe.

Courier trips within Limburg occur regularly but the majority of the transport assignments we receive are over longer distances. Many a courier from Cargoplanner has already seen all corners of Europe. From the far north in Sweden to sunny southern Europe. It doesn’t matter to us. We make sure your shipment gets there quickly.

Courier Maastricht.

Maastricht, of course, is a center of activity in Limburg. If your company is located in Maastricht, you can count on us to always have a car nearby quickly. Maastricht is also home to many offices and, of course, the University and the Maastricht Academic Hospital. These are pre-eminent companies that like to use our services. For example, we regularly drive from Maastricht to Luxembourg with important documents. From Maastricht Airport, we pick up replacement parts for data centers and communication towers several times a day. These are delivered throughout Europe.

You notice. Our roots are in Limburg.

Emergency transports outside of Limburg.

A lot happens in Limburg but most of it still happens outside. 😊 Of course, Limburg is only a very small area within the European continent. Do you have, so to speak, an urgent shipment that needs to be transported from the south of France to Poland ? For that too, we often have very good options to take care of this extremely quickly for you. Therefore, we cooperate with many reliable logistics partners at home and abroad.

So whether you need a document brought from Maastricht to Venlo or pallets from Barcelona to Hamburg, you can have it arranged by us extremely quickly.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. And if the need is high you will receive a quote from us very quickly for emergency transportation.

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