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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a courier and/or express delivery cannot be put into a standard statement. Whereas one can send a package by parcel post for a fixed amount, the situation is slightly different with express (inter)national transportation. In fact, one has several factors that come into play. However, you will always receive a free, no-obligation, customized quote for your transportation from us immediately by filling out our quote form or contacting us by phone or email.

Once you agree to an urgent transport, we immediately send a car to the loading address. This can of course be at a later time if you wish.

We provide dedicated urgent transportation only. This means that the driver will drive with your shipment directly from the loading address to the unloading address unless your instructions require later delivery.

If you call or email us to ask where your shipment is currently located you will receive the location of the driver with that shipment from us within minutes.

We can deliver your shipment all over Europe. Please note that if your shipment is going to a non-EU country, you must have the necessary customs documents.

Your shipment will not go through a sorting center or anything like that but will be transported directly from A to B. However, this does not mean that you do not need to pack your shipment solidly. It is always advisable to pack your shipment properly.

Our transports are basically without pallet exchange. Since we do urgent transports and thus always drive directly from A to B, we do not have a large storage with a stock of empty pallets that we can take with us. Of course, it is possible to ask for empty pallets to be returned to you at an unloading address. However, given the additional transportation costs, it is usually more favorable not to exchange the pallets. Therefore, if you deliver a shipment on a pallet, we will not return an empty pallet to you unless we receive it from the unloading address and may deliver it back directly to you.

If you indicate in advance that the courier should take back the packaging material and we should take care of its disposal, this is possible for a fee. This depends on the amount and type of waste material.

If you want to know the cost of transportation first, you can ask for a quote first. This can be done by email, through the website or by phone. Once you agree to the offered rate, we can set everything in motion.

Of course, you may always provide your own waybill. If you do not have your own CMR/AVC waybill, the driver can fill it out for you. We can also email you a waybill from our trip system for you to print out yourself.

Our drivers will always ask at the unloading address to sign off the bill of lading with a signature and last name. Unless you expressly wish it not to. You will receive a scan of the signed waybill by email and you can also find it in our trip system if you have chosen to login to our system. This is completely free of charge .

Like all transportation/transportation/courier companies, we are liable in accordance with CMR/AVC conditions. This is established by law. In case of damage or theft, for example, we are liable for a certain amount per kg. This amount is sometimes adjusted (by the legislature). If you wish to insure your shipment for a higher amount this should be done by the owner of the goods with his or her own insurance.

Someone will obviously need to be present at the unloading address to accept a shipment. It’s not like if no one is there we can drop this off at a post office. However, given the urgent nature of our transports, people are usually waiting for the shipment. If for any reason no one is present and the courier cannot deliver your shipment we will always discuss options with you. For example, we may unload at another location. In case we cannot reach anyone we will then unfortunately have to return the shipment back to sender.

We also provide transportation for individuals. However, we do not transport furniture purchased on Marketplace etc. For example, if you need your keys urgently or you are at the airport without your passport we will be happy to help you. For individuals, however, we do ask for advance payment of the transportation costs by iDeal.

Businesses can usually order from us on account. We have a maximum payment period of 30 days. However, we always retain the right to ask for advance payment of fees anyway. This can be for a variety of reasons.

We do not accept customers who wish to pay later than 30 days.

We strive to do as much as possible digitally. For example, you will receive the scanned bills of lading by email and we prefer to send the invoices by email as well. However, if you prefer to receive a paper invoice, please let us know. The cost for sending a paper invoice is €2.50.