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Forgot your passport?

Forgot your passport? Call courier.

Forgot your passport?

Vacation period
The vacation season is here again and many people are going on vacation. In the frenzy often leading up to the trip, people quite often want to forget something. Now, of course, many things can just be bought on vacation. Forgot your toothbrush? No problem. Swimsuit not included? Buy it in one of the coastal stores.

Passport or tickets
But what if you forget something very important right now? Imagine being at the airport without a passport or tickets. Or you only discover this at the vacation address when you have just driven there by car. Will you then drive yourself back home or would you rather engage a courier who can be on location much faster with your passport?

You are, of course, required to carry a passport or id proof with you anyway but if you want to leave by plane they will not board at all. It is therefore important to have one of these documents as soon as possible anyway.

Express courier
For such matters (even outside the vacation season, of course), you can call on us with confidence. We will send a courier directly to your home address or wherever your passport or ticket is to be picked up and the driver will drive directly to the airport or your vacation address. He will contact you on location and hand over the passport in the departure hall, hotel lobby, campground, roadside restaurant, train station etc etc.

Are you traveling without a passport and need a courier urgently? Then call or email us.

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