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Speed limit to 100 kilometers per hour. What does that mean for your transportation?

The cabinet has decided to introduce a speed limit of 100 km/h on Dutch highways. Our couriers prefer to drive 130 but of course we just obey the law.

However, we do not expect to lose much time compared to the current situation. During the day, Dutch highways are already quite busy and therefore a speed of 130 km/h is often not even feasible. Moreover, there are already quite a few sections where one can only drive 100 anyway.
Suppose that on a drive from Maastricht to Amsterdam a distance of 50km would be a 130 zone that now goes back to 100. Then that would result in a time loss of up to 7 minutes. That calculation then assumes that one could have driven 130 the entire route. So the actual time loss would be even less in practice.

The longer the distance the greater the loss of time will be, of course. However, distances are never really great in our country. With longer distances, the courier will automatically end up in the countries where people are allowed to drive just 120, 130 or faster.

Briefly. We are not very happy about it but there will not be much loss of time.
Thereby, of course, it remains to be seen whether this rule will actually be implemented and, if indeed it all goes through, how long the rule will remain in effect.


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