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Storage rental

Renting a storage unit can be a good solution for several reasons. Whether one has just started a web shop as a sole trader or you have been running your business for a bit longer and it just gets too full in the warehouse. Even for very large companies, renting external storage can be a solution.

  • Flexible storage rental
  • No long-term commitments for your own storage
  • Let someone else take your stock
  • Same-day / direct delivery orders

Storage space-sameday

Cheapest storage

If you are looking for the cheapest storage, you are probably only looking at the rental price of the storage unit. However, there is more to it, and if one does the math, one will discover that this is not always the case. Likewise, you would have to take into account the fact that people need to drive to the storage location regularly to bring in new stock and to pick and ship orders. Also, one often enters into a lease for several years. If you then want to terminate the lease earlier, this is often not possible or a commutation fee must be paid.

Garage rental

Of course, you could just rent a garage but there are many drawbacks to that. Garages or garage boxes are often located somewhere in the back of a neighborhood and thus the chance of burglary is quite high. Garages are often poorly secured. Moreover, there is often only some lighting and no other power point present. An Internet connection is almost never there. Still, these are handy items if one wants to prepare orders in storage.

Box rental

Many individuals rent a box from a self-storage facility. One advantage is that one can often go in here on their own 24 hours a day. Security is usually a lot better than with a garage box. But the fact that you have to walk with all your stuff to, say, the fourth floor and the third hallway with a cart that doesn’t fit everything at once is a big disadvantage. Again, one will not find internet and power points quickly.

Mobile storage box

You could also buy or rent a mobile storage box and place it on your own property. Of course, it depends on whether one wants to place this at home or at a business, but it certainly won’t look very charming at a residential home. Often these are like small shipping containers, but of lesser quality. But again, there are risks with security and lack of power and internet.

Storage rental with service

At Cargoplanner you rent a storage unit with service in a very flexible way. You can send your inventory or items that need to be stored for a short or long time to the storage facility. This is then stored by our staff in a secure warehouse. If you need the items again just let us know and we’ll have it ready for pickup or shipping within an hour.

Storage with service

Storage without long notice

Whereas for one’s own shed or garage box one often has to enter into an agreement for one to several years, for storage with Cargoplanner there is a notice period of only 1 month. So if it turns out that things are not going as well as you had hoped or for any other reason, you are never stuck with a long term. You simply cancel the storage with one month’s notice.

Flexible storage space

If you rent yourself a box, garage or shed, it is a fixed area. But who says one always needs this space ? Or what does one do when the rented storage is completely full and additional space is needed? For this, too, Cargoplanner’s storage is the answer. You pay only for the area you actually use. There is a minimum area of 10m2. Anything more you need is flexible. This is updated monthly. This way you never pay too much and you can scale up and down as needed.

Secure storage location

Our storage locations are secured and insured in accordance with Fenex conditions. Of course, there can be an emergency even at secure locations but the possibility of someone using a crowbar in a dark corner to break open your own garage box is many times greater.

Offering goods for storage

Goods (packages, pallets) stored at Cargoplanner must be notified in advance. For this, we have a system that is easy to use. Unlike a self-storage, we do not allow people to come in to store or retrieve items themselves. Of course, you are always welcome to drop in with a staff member. But storing the goods or picking them up does not have to be done by yourself.

Storage of stock for shipment

The most common storage we have is the storage of supplies destined for service departments, mechanics and companies where parts may be defective. These can be parts of a particular kind as well as specific products with their own barcode and/or serial number. For example: We might stock 3 different types of phones. Let’s call them type A B and C. There are several of each type in stock. As soon as you yourself or your customer needs a Type A phone, we retrieve 1 of the Type A phones from your storage and set it up for pickup or shipment. Another example. We also stock goods with a specific serial number. Thus, this customer could then get a Type B phone but with a specific serial number. In this there are very many different options. In doing so, we design our service to best suit your operations.

Storing pallets

General storage

Of course, you can also store complete pallets of all kinds of goods with us, which you later remove from storage as whole pallets. Your pallets are labeled per pallet, making them recognizable as belonging to your company.

Goods from storage

Goods stored at Cargoplanner will naturally go out at some point. You can easily specify which goods should be taken out of storage when and what should happen to them.

Express transport from storage

This is currently most common with us. For example, if a particular package needs to go to an on-site service technician, you can tell us which part it is and we will make sure it is retrieved from the warehouse within half an hour. We also immediately arrange emergency transport to the relevant location within the EU.

Shipping by parcel service from storage

It is also possible to send a parcel from storage by parcel service to your specified address. However, the service level of regular parcel services is significantly lower and we disclaim any responsibility for lost shipments. We can, however, ensure that your package is shipped. However, our emphasis is on sameday delivery by courier.

Collection by a third party

You can also have your goods picked up by a third party. However, we do need the full name of the collector as well as the license plate number of the vehicle in question. In this way, goods are prevented from being taken by unauthorized persons

Picking up packages or pallets yourself

Of course, you can also pick up your own goods yourself. However since not everyone knows who you are you should identify yourself when you pick up the goods. Also, this should always be notified in advance. As described earlier, your goods are ready for pickup very quickly.

Storage Limburg

We currently have storage facilities in Limburg. It is divided among several locations. However, the same customer’s goods will never be distributed across multiple locations.

Storage space Maastricht-Airport

Storage space Maastricht (airport)

The largest storage facility with the highest level of service is located at Maastricht Airport. This warehouse has an area of about 7000 m2. Much of this is already in use.

Storage Parkstad

We also have storage facilities in Heerlen Landgraaf and Kerkrade. However, these are smaller sites.

Storage space / warehouse Heerlen Parkstad Limburg
Boxes stock unloading storage space

Storage and transfer medical equipment

Storage space. How much does it cost?

Storage is customized. As you have read, there are different forms of storage. Is it pallets or packages? Do the goods remain for long periods of time or are items regularly picked up or shipped?
In addition, we can tailor our services to your needs. We would like to invite you to discuss your company’s storage and shipping needs and issues.
Contact us today by email or phone for a free consultation.

Storage space What does it cost ?