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Trip accounting for our customers

Trip accounting positive for both client and provider.

Trip records are kept by many courier/shipping companies. However, it is often not accessible to their customers. While this can be a very positive point for both the service provider and the client.

The benefits of viewing trip records for our clients.
You may suddenly want to know immediately who signed for a certain shipment or you may even want to see the waybill. Or a colleague asks what the cost of a transport has been in the past because one has yet to pass these costs on to the customer.
You can also view the status of current courier trips. However, you will always be notified immediately once a ride is completed.
If you have access to the trip records, you can see these kinds of things directly. 24 hours a day. This without interference from our planning. All data is of course sent via a secure SSL connection. Cargoplanner uses a comprehensive SSL certificate. This means that the company behind it has actually been verified.

There are also benefits to the service provider, of course.
The big advantage for the service provider, of course, is the fact that he / his does not have to look up and email data for the customer. So this is pure time saving. However, should a client request information, it will of course always be provided. However, it can be a whole lot faster when you look it up yourself.

Booking transports yourself.
It is also possible to book new transports yourself through this system. However, we ask that this feature not be used to avoid misunderstandings. Of course, it would be a shame to book a car that is much too large, making the cost much higher, or to book a car that is too small, making it impossible to transport your shipment at all and requiring another car. For this reason, we choose to book courier shipments ourselves. That way, we can work with you to see which vehicle is suitable. However, if you insist on booking rides yourself, this can be arranged by mutual agreement.

Are you already a customer but do not yet have access to your trip records?
We have alerted our customers in the past via a general email that this possibility exists. Of course, you may not need access to your trip records, and of course that is not a problem. If you would like to use this, just send us a message and we will create a login for your trip records. There is no charge for this.

Do you already have access to your trip records? Then you can log in here


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