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Courier / urgent transportation needed? Directly on the move All formats All of Europe Straight from A to B 24 hours a day
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Courier or urgent transportation needed?

Based in Limburg, our courier service has many vehicles available to transport your urgent shipment immediately. Also international shipments (EU).

Whether it’s an envelope, package, pallet or an even larger shipment. Cargoplanner | Koerier Limburg arranges it for you.
Our couriers pick up the shipment as soon as possible and then go directly to the destination address. Both loading address and unloading address can be within all of Europe. The courier handles your documents and packages with extreme care so that they arrive safely at their destination. Since they go directly from A to B they do not end up in distribution centers.
Thanks to our real-time track&trace system the vehicles are equipped with, we can always see where the courier is with your package. Of course, you will be notified immediately once your urgent shipment is delivered and we will also provide the name of the recipient. A signature for receipt of your package is always required. If you do not have your own waybill, the driver will fill out a waybill on the spot. Of course, you can also use your own waybill if you have one.

Of course, it is possible to get a quote first. . You will receive this within moments of calling or emailing.

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