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Express courier

Express courier

Hiring a rush courier is not something you do lightly. This usually happens when your goods really need to get to the recipient as soon as possible. Consider, for example, parts for a defective machine. If production shuts down or is at risk of shutting down, you can imagine the enormous costs involved. Then a courier quickly pays for itself.

AOG courier

Similarly, we regularly transport aircraft parts to aircraft, which, without replacing a particular part, are not allowed to take off. These are also known as AOG shipments. Aircraft On Ground.

Emergency medical transport

Another example is the transportation of medical supplies to hospitals. These are often surgical kits, pacemakers, stents or personal protective equipment used by the hospitals themselves. We also provide this type of transportation almost daily for various clients.

Documents courier

It is not the most fun work but often resignation letters are also delivered by courier. This often involves summary dismissal. However, documents that must necessarily be signed as originals and then returned to sender or to another address are also delivered by express courier. In addition, we offer a unique service to deliver important mail items to the Internal Revenue Service.


Another reason to use a rush courier is when the value of the goods is so high that one would rather not risk losing it in a sorting center of a regular parcel service. It is often possible to insure goods up to a certain amount with a parcel service. This is usually only the purchase value of the goods, and the procedure to get compensation is usually no easy task. In fact, some goods are simply not replaceable. Then you prefer something like that to be transported directly from the sender to the recipient.

Courier Services Netherlands

There are quite a few courier services in the Netherlands. At least that is how they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. However, these are usually not express couriers but package delivery companies. Another line of business in the logistics industry. The courier services that do deal with urgent transportation usually indicate this clearly on their website. Thus, we have been the emergency courier from Limburg since 2006. Location, however, says little. Our vans really drive everywhere.

Express transportation

That immediately sounds like larger volumes but, of course, in emergency transport, it could just as easily be a small package. But with larger volumes, of course, it can be urgent. For example, consider a factory that has fallen behind in production, and where the buyer urgently needs these items. Often, a van or truck is then booked at a certain time to transport everything produced to buyer at that time. This therefore goes directly and as quickly as possible to the recipient. Then already often the next car is booked for a few hours or, say, a day later. Just until one is up to date with production again.

What does a courier cost ?

This is often a general question asked that is difficult to answer. In many cases, using an express courier provides more savings than the actual cost.

Courier costs

A courier, of course, costs money. These costs consist mainly of car costs such as depreciation maintenance road tax and insurance but also fuel costs and personnel costs. There is always a proper calculation of the costs on which a final express transportation rate is based. And that, of course, includes a profit margin. Given that there are usually only small profit margins in the courier and transportation business, it is important to reanalyze courier costs with some regularity. In particular, one should keep a close eye on fuel prices and personnel costs.

Rush delivery

Do you also need urgent delivery of documents packages pallets etc now, or in the future?
If so, please feel free to contact us without obligation. If you need an emergency courier immediately, we can provide a quote for you within minutes. Quotes are always free and without obligation with us. Of course, if you are thinking of using our courier services one or more times in the future, you can request information from us in advance about rates and options. Of course, we are also available to schedule an appointment with you to discuss matters.