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About us

Cargoplanner has been arranging express courier transportation of your documents, packages, samples, pallets, parts etc for 16 years. We do this both nationally and internationally.

In 2006, I started working as an independent courier. It soon became clear that I found this a fine industry to work in. Given the urgent nature of the shipments being transported, people everywhere are eager to see you. Often people are really waiting for a certain product in order to be able to proceed with certain work at all. It is then nice to know that you have made a positive contribution to that.

Over the years, it became busier and busier, and more and more customers joined. In fact, it became so busy that I could no longer help all the customers on my own. That was the point where we started expanding with additional cars and drivers.

Soon came the point where I had to make the decision to only take care of managing the couriers. Office work, in other words. No longer on the road by himself. Although this was always fun work.

After years of steady growth, Cargoplanner changed to Cargoplanner Logistics B.V. in 2022, and we are still growing. With hundreds of customers and thousands of transports per year, Cargoplanner is a serious partner where personal contact is still very important. New and existing customers can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency transportation.

Over the years, of course, we have also grown with technological developments. Not only navigation and communications equipment have changed quite a bit in that time but also the systems we use in the office. Where in the beginning we used Excel files to keep track of transports and make invoices, we now use a trip administration system that is specifically aimed at transport and courier companies. Our customers can now log into our trip system themselves and view all their own transports and associated bills of lading. Kind of easy 😊

Times are changing and transportation will grow with the times. But even if the mode or type of transportation were to change, transportation will always be needed and will always have to be arranged by a reliable partner.

We cordially invite you to contact us if you need a courier/emergency transport now or in the future.

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Tim van Kollenburg

Director of Cargoplanner Logistics BV