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Courier Maastricht

Courier in Maastricht needed?

If you need a courier in Maastricht quickly, call Cargoplanner.
We have many couriers in south Limburg. So also couriers who can be in Maastricht very quickly.
Several companies and government institutions from Maastricht are already among our clients. Our couriers can deliver your documents and/or packages extremely quickly within Maastricht.
Of course, we can also deliver your shipments far beyond Maastricht.

Courier Service Limburg.

Koerier Limburg is an official trade name of Cargoplanner Logistics B.V. In the beginning our courier service was very much focused on Limburg but now we have customers and destinations throughout Europe. Limburg and, of course, Maastricht, as the capital of Limburg, remain very important to us. There is plenty of business in (southern) Limburg and many of the established companies use Cargoplanner when they need a courier in Maastricht or the wider area. We also have a large corporate storage facility at Maastricht Airport.

Courier Maastricht – airport

From our warehouse at Maastricht Airport, we provide various same-day deliveries daily. Several clients are also located at Maastricht Airport. This is where we can be found with great frequency to pick up document packages or pallets and take them directly to their destination.

Do you also have something that needs to be transported with urgency and/or great certainty? Within Maastricht or far beyond ? Contact us directly for a no-obligation quote.



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