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Meaning of “courier”

Courier service or parcel service? The differences.

A courier is a courier right? Surely, in my view, this is really not true. Most people call the deliverers of the various parcel services couriers. Opinions on this will probably be and remain divided. By this I certainly do not mean, by the way, that one or the other does a better job or is higher in esteem.

Courier service.

In my view, a courier is someone who goes directly and urgently from the sender to the recipient. This will usually be by van but, of course, could be an on-board courier by plane or a motorcycle courier on his motorcycle. He or she transports letters, packages or pallets that are very urgent and/or important. Now if the sender suddenly has something to send that really needs to get there as soon as possible, he calls a courier to do so.

Parcel service.

In my opinion, a parcel service handles the distribution of packages in a particular region. Of course, this may include packages that are more urgent than others. Everyone, I think, has seen one of those packages that says, “Delivery for 0900” or for 1200. Whereas the courier often has only 1 loading address and 1 unloading address, the parcel service delivery driver often delivers to more than 150 addresses per day. So that’s pretty labor-intensive, and they too deserve credit for the stressful work they do, as far as I’m concerned.

Which courier service should I choose?

Of course, it depends on the nature of the shipment and the budget. If it is not a big deal if a package is a few days late, you can feel free to send it with a regular parcel service. Usually it is delivered the following day, but of course, since it goes through a sorting center, something can always go wrong. This is the cheapest option with an ordinary package or document. One step up the rate ladder one finds the parcel service guaranteed to deliver your package before 1200 or before 0900. If it’s a valuable shipment or something that just really needs to go directly to the recipient, then the courier service is the way to go. Consequently, this is the most expensive option. It also makes sense. There is a driver working only on that shipment, and labor and car expenses are all taxed on that one shipment.

Courier service sometimes cheaper than parcel service.
some cases, by the way, the courier may still be cheaper than the parcel service.
This then usually has to do with the amount of packages to be delivered. For example, if one wants to send 20 packages of 15kg each to an address and you would take them to the post office you have to pay over €250 there. For the same amount of money, a courier can cover a good distance. Of course, that depends a bit on the courier’s rate. But assume that one can deliver in a large part of the country for this amount and, moreover, it will be direct.

or value? Call a courier service. Less urgent or low budget? Call the parcel service.

Courier delivers package

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